Editor’s note

I WAS delighted to learn that the Middlemore Residents Association have attracted serious interest from E-Act to bring a primary school to the estate.

And I would strongly urge all the members on Daventry District Council’s planning committee to take it seriously. At the very least they need to delay the council’s own plans to build homes where the school should be when the matter comes before them on Wednesday.

Full disclosure – I live on Middlemore.

Some may argue that it makes me biased toward having a school on the estate. In some ways they’d be right, but to make it clear – my children won’t be going to school there.

Instead, I support the school for two reasons. The first, and the most important, is that the whole town will benefit from it.

The message of school capacity in Daventry seems to change depending on who you talk to. But it’s clear space is running out at a time when more people are supposed to be moving to the town.

Just look at the traffic chaos around certain primary schools last term during drop-off and picking up times.

Ashby Fields is the closest school to Middlemore, but it’s too far for small children to walk, and the route, alongside and crossing busy main roads, isn’t safe. Particularly in dark winter evenings.

Secondly, I’ve lived on Middlemore for a year and know first hand that it is crying out for such a facility.

The estate is cut-off from the rest of the town. It’s almost like a separate village.

It was argued that it would be perfectly sustainable because there would be a pub, a shop, and a primary school on the estate.

And I agree. The most vital is the school of course because a school can bring communities together like nothing else.

You walk your children up to the school gates and chat with other parents. Friendships are formed while waiting at picking up time. Children invite each other to their houses. Fundraising events are arranged around the school.

Lifetime bonds are formed.

Without it, the community is disjointed.

DDC and NCC blame each other. But nobody really cares about such squabbles. All they care about is what can be done.

And here, thanks to the hard work of the Middlemore Residents Association and E-Act, is a huge opportunity for our local authorities to do the right thing.

The key decision makers urged residents to explore the Free School route and said they’d support it.

Well the residents have done that, so now DDC and NCC need to deliver on their promises.

Matt Cornish