Do these people live in a bubble?

I read with interest the two messages on the Letters Page last week by Chris Heaton-Harris our Conservative MP and Chris Millar our Conservative leader at DDC.

I read with interest the two messages on the Letters Page last week by Chris Heaton-Harris our Conservative MP and Chris Millar our Conservative leader at DDC.

Maybe they live in a bubble and don’t see the heartache that I have been seeing over the last 12 months.

We have a food bank that plays an essential part in feeding people in times of great hardship.

We have a clothing bank that also is proving to be an essential need to many people. There may be jobs available but many are low paid with flexible contracts or zero rated hour contracts and if you haven’t got transport people often can’t get there.

The Conservative-led County Council has recently decided to take away our rehab beds and greatly reduce our respite beds. We have an elderly people’s care home that has been closed.

They are now even considering charging us to take our rubbish to the tip.

East Midlands Ambulance Service seems to be failing in our area and the Fire Brigade is having to prop it up.

People are having to decide whether to heat their homes or eat.

People are being forced to pay for spare bedrooms and even if they want to downsize there aren’t enough smaller properties for them to move into.

Daventry deserves better than this. What I want to hear is what is being done to improve these issues.

Wendy Randall

Labour Leader, DDC


Brownies Celebrate

This year Brownies everywhere are celebrating their 100-year birthday and Brownies in Daventry and Welton are hoping to attend several events organised in the county and Midlands Region.

Brownies are part of Girlguiding UK, which incorporates young women between the ages 7 and 11, and are run by a team of adult volunteers and Young Leaders (girls aged 14 – 18). We provide a safe, girl-only space for girls to develop skills, friendships and participate in a wide variety of activities.

One of the main events taking place is the Midlands Big Brownie Birthday Camp, Cosmic, at Beaudesert campsite in Staffordshire. Eleven Brownies and three leaders are hoping to attend the camp from August 1st to 5th and this will be the first time camping with Brownies for all participants.

Not only will we be camping but also we will be cooking food on outdoor stoves and participating in a variety of activities.

The camp will provide excellent opportunities for the Brownies to learn new skills, develop existing ones and have fun.

The total cost of the camp is a huge £3,000. This includes all the activities, food, transport and additional equipment that we are unable to borrow.

Therefore we are looking to fundraise as much as possible in the next few months before the camp.

We are looking towards local companies and retailers to help us raise this enormous amount of money and would be grateful if you could take your time to consider our plea.

We are looking for any monetary contributions, prizes or other support you can offer us, nothing is too small.

We would really appreciate your help with this.

Rachael Hibberd, 1st Daventry Brownies,

Sarah Souter, 1st Welton Brownies,

Jessica Baldwin, 3rd Daventry Brownies


Age of the Car Park!

I was educated at Daventry Grammar School in the 1950s with Cllr Eddon and have fond memories of Bobby Eddon and many others. The school building itself was not an architectural gem but compares favourably with recent additions to the town’s landscape. The fact that libraries nationwide are closing would not seem to favour Daventry trying to ‘buck the trend.’ Perhaps in view of the recent shelving of projects Pods and Waterspace, a success for the planning department is needed. It’s ironic that the outdoor swimming pool became a car park and our old grammar school playing field is also to become one!

D Cox, Eider Close, Daventry


Thank you for Kindness

We would like to publicly thank our local Waitrose store for their kind and generous donation which enabled members of Daventry Methodist Church to give us and others a wonderful day last Friday, January 3.

We had a lovely meal, quizzes, beetle drives and entertainment. Waitrose didn’t finish there though, they gave us the company and help of members of their staff for the day. They were lovely and we all enjoyed ourselves.

Thank you again Waitrose and thank you to all members of Daventry Methodist Church who worked to make our day so wonderful.

Jacky and Martin Smith



Help us tell your story

I work for Testimony Films, a social history documentary company. We are currently working on a new four-part series for BBC2 called The Greatest Generation. In the series we want to tell the story of the generation who fought and lived through WW2 and who went onto rebuild Britain. From a historical point of view this generation has witnessed not only great but rapid changes in society, changes to almost every aspect of life.

We want to hear from men and women in their late 80s, 90s and 100s who have vivid and interesting stories to tell from their past.From childhood to war; romance to retirement – this generation has experienced the most radical amount of change within their lifetime than any other. Their memories and values are hugely important for educating and inspiring our future generations.

Do you have interesting tales of childhood in the 1920s and 1930s? Did you serve during World War 2 or keep our home fires burning? Have you found a new lease of life since retirement? Are your children or grandchildren fascinated by your tales of the past?

If so we would love to talk to you about your story!

If you would like to share your memories with us please get in touch with Pete, Emily or Sara - Tel: 0117 925 8589, email: or write to 12 Great George Street, Bristol, BS1 5RH.

Pete Vance


Town Park is Inaccessible

I am writing to complain about the path around the park. I am 68 years old, but still fairly active, but for someone older and more frail the mud and puddles would make the park inaccessible.

It must make it very difficult for mothers with buggies and, again, if you are pushing someone around in a wheelchair it would be impossible. There is no point to the park if it cannot be used by all the residents.

I wrote to the council last year about the appalling state of the path and still nothing has been done.

Susan Caplan



Thanks Good Samaritan

Many thanks to the gentleman who handed in my purse to the Air Ambulance shop in Daventry on Friday, January 3.

Mrs Durbridge