Council supports UTC

DAVENTRY Town Council wish to make it categorically clear that we support the University Technical College (UTC).

At our recent special meeting on February 23 to discuss our support for the UTC, the town council majority voted in favour of our public support of the UTC.

In the Daventry Express last week, Nigel Carr (a Daventry Town Councillor) had a letter published which indicated that he did not support the UTC.

I am writing to clearly dissasociate Nigel Carr’s views from those of the town council.

Nigel Carr was writing in his personal capacity and not undersigned as Daventry Town Council.

It is correct that we discussed the admissions policy for the UTC and issues were raised by councillors on the number of students to be taken from our town, but the council does not agree with the points in Nigel Carr’s letter.

The UTC will no doubt be a benefit to our town and will bring opportunities for future generations of young people along with further increased employment opportunities both directly through employment at the UTC and indirectly through companies that will be tempted by the town’s well trained and well educated young people.

So please, people of Daventry, you have our full support to bring the UTC to this town.

Cllr Dr Colin Morgan Chairman

Daventry Town Council

Cllr Steve Tubb, Leader, Daventry Town Council