Council must listen to 11,000 voices

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MAY I express my sincere and grateful thanks to the Daventry Express, who together with campaigning councillor Chris Long, believed enough in DACT and its vital transport and mobility services to instigate a petition campaign to safeguard DACT’s future from Northamptonshire County Council grants cuts.

Secondly, and most importantly, to you, the people of Daventry and district, who have responded in your thousands to the appeal. What can I say? I, the DACT staff, and all our volunteers have been truly amazed, humbled and thrilled by the fantastic response you have shown.

We have always known how much the services mean to individuals, but this campaign has given the opportunity for the whole community to rally to a common cause which affects so many individuals and families.

A total of 11,102 people (18.5 per cent of the adult population of Daventry district) have given voice to their wishes.

The county council should take note because this is the true voice of localism as expressed by central Government.

Even some of our oldest customers in their 90s have been collecting signatures where possible in an effort to demonstrate to the county council just how vital DACT’s services are. Others have been fundraising for us in various ways and many have sent in gifts and donations.

DACT, Daventry Express, Cllr Long and all you good people, have done all we can. We now await the decision of the county council’s Cabinet regarding their budget proposal for next year. A massive thank you to you all.

Rob Kinning

Chief Executive