Charity to help typhoon victims

Rugby theatre
Rugby theatre

At their quarterly meeting on Wednesday, November 13, the trustees of the Daventry Consolidated Charity, like the nation, moved by heartbreaking scenes and stories, not least the plight of children, the frail and elderly, in response to the Philippine Appeal approved a donation of £2,500.

This is long established charity, its remit is to provide help and assistance to local people, often in difficulty because of circumstance beyond their control, referrals for assistance should be made in writing to The Clerk, The Daventry Consolidated Charity 15, Astbury Close , Daventry, NN11 4RL

Chris Over

Chairman of trustees

Rip Off Daventry

Fuel price still high

I have just had a thought that maybe if the petrol stations in Daventry read in their local paper that the price of fuel has gone down they may just feel a little guilty.

Instead all of them playing around with a one pence difference.

Just eight miles from here in Rugby the cost of diesel is no higher than £1.35 a litre and this applies to the supermarket petrol stations as well.

I personally will not buy my fuel here; it’s good old rip off Daventry and we have to put up with it .

Stewart Pickersgill

Saving Money

Save cash and paper

Today I received notification from Daventry District Council of yet another proposed housing development in the village of Woodford Halse.

Aside from the widespread unpopularity of the proposed development – yet another in the village – the letter from Keith Thursfield (head of planning) was spread across two pages – the second only to include his name and signature.

If, as is likely, the district council intends to raise the council tax levy in the coming months, can I suggest that it might be more palatable to local residents if the council was not seen to be unnecessarily wasting public money.

As a well-known supermarket chain advocates, ‘every little helps’. We’re all tightening our belts – I would hope that the council sees fit to do the same.

Tom Rigby

Woodford Halse

Cardiac Rehab

Focus your energies

I feel I really must writ this letter, on seeing the first article on the closure of the cardiac rehab unit at Danetre Hospital (June 20) and having heard nothing about it before, I took it to a Labour Party meeting that same night to see if we could do something to help.
It was decided that we would organise a petition, which we did on Saturday July 6 in the town centre and were very pleased with the response.
Although I belong to a political party, I wouldn’t have minded who organised it, just as long as someone did something!
Since then Viv Crouch has held public meetings and we have had a health walk around Daventry town.
Wendy Randall offered her help with planning the route, police checks, etc. as she had done this before.
I don’t mind who helps or does what, all help is appreciated, so please, please, stop all thisbickering and put your energy into fighting the cause – the cause being to get the cardiac rehab returned to Daventry.

Barbara Hunt

St Augustine Way, Daventry

Missing Dog

Help find loved pet

My dog disappeared four months ago. Ben is a rottweiller/doberman cross, well-built and powerful but with a gentle nature. He will jump up to greet visitors but soon settle down again. When out walking, seeing other dogs he will try and go and meet them, turning in circles and barking. I have not introduced him to other people or animals. I think he would be okay with people – I am not sure about strange dogs. I do fear that he might be harmed or turned by the people who took him and therefore difficult to manage. If anyone knows his location can they call me on 07504 538466.

Ann Swales

Tweed Close, Daventry


A first class performance

On Monday night my husband and I went the Rugby Theatre for the first time to see a play called Blood Money.
To be honest we were not expecting much from an amateur production – but I have to tell you it was the most professional set up from an amateur group that I have attended out side London.

The acting was first class the sound and light was fantastic. This is a small theatre holding 270 seats and every seat was occupied.

If any of your readers would like a good local night out at the theatre I thoroughly recommend Rugby Theatre

Jeanne Hodgkinson

Raleigh Court, Daventry 

Street Lights

New lights fall short

Many places in Daventry now have the new streetlights. But this new light is awful– the lights are the same colour as car headlights, they offer very poor contrast, the light doesn’t travel far and seems quite dingy in places, and they form pools of light and dark which limits your night vision.

James Stuarts

Lang Farm, Daventry