Cemetery is just an eyesore to visitors

The flower bed at Daventry's Welton Road Cemetery
The flower bed at Daventry's Welton Road Cemetery
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There have been many recent letters recently with regards to the state of unmown grass across Daventry.

I would like to bring to the attention of Enterprise the terrible state of Welton Road Cemetery.

My wife and I, being old Daventarians and regular visitors to the cemetery, made our visit to the cemetery on Sunday, July 13 and were shocked by the state of the flower area where the driveway splits and is in view of every visitor. The area is completely overgrown with thistles and weeds (pictured).

For many years the cemetery was kept in very good condition but recently it has deteriorated very badly, with no regularity in grass mowing or weed control.

I would also be interested in the procedure for soil settling after a grave has been filled, some have been left for sometime now and show no signs of settling to a level to be grassed over – one recent grave looked more like a rockery.

Can I remind Enterprise that the cemetery is a place of respect and a resting place where family and friends visit their loved ones. They would appreciate a little more care and consideration and enjoy a better kept cemetery when they visit.

I look forward to future visits and seeing a big improvement in the upkeep of a cemetery Daventry is proud of.

Phil Pratt