Another contrived election for town

The Grange Care Home
The Grange Care Home

Here we go again as predicted – yet another resignation from the town council, the fourth this year.

Once again we will have another contrived election, the cost to the rate payer anther £9,000, therefore some £36,000 this year alone. The alarming thought we could have another in before Christmas.

However this election is different, the big guns are out – we have UKIP versus Labour. In the red corner we have Cllr Wendy Randall, leader of the Labour group on the district council, and in the mauve corner Wendy Rundle, a UKIP member who has attempted several times to win a seat.

I welcome democracy – it’s the only way but when it’s manipulated its wrong. It’s wrong in many ways but moreover it’s deceiving the ratepayers of Daventry.

I have said in the past there are a number of town councillors that put the interest of Daventry first and foremost. The town councils museum is a shining example, unfortunately these members are too few. There have been those, in my opinion, that appear to me to have little interest in promoting the positives about this town.

Colin Poole



No respite beds lost

I would like to correct some misinformation in the Daventry Express on October 10, in relation to the Grange Care Home.

You rightly reported that the closure of this care home has been confirmed, due to its age, condition and lack of modern facilities. Residents will be offered the opportunity to move to the far superior accommodation at Longlands, near the Danetre Hospital.

However, you quoted Cllr Wendy Randall as claiming that the proposal will result in the loss of 15 respite care beds and 24 rehab beds, which are currently provided at Longlands. You also repeated that claim in your own editorial.

Most of that was true in the original proposals. However, the proposals were changed significantly as a result of feedback from local people including myself during the council’s consultation on the plans. This was the reason why I and other councillors commended the council on the way they had handled that consultation exercise.

In the revised proposals, 12 of the 15 respite care beds will continue at Longlands. The remaining three respite beds will be reprovisioned at other care homes in Daventry and Towcester. So no respite care beds will be lost to this area.

The rehab care provision will be partly provided by homes elsewhere in Northamptonshire. (Rehab is intended as a “staging post” to provide the support people need to return home from hospital.) But there will also be an extension of provision for rehab care in people’s own homes, where that is a better option for them.

There will also be a feasibility study into providing a form of sheltered housing on the Grange site, once the care home closes. This is an exciting idea and I firmly believe it is achievable in partnership with the private sector. If that sheltered housing can be provided, then these plans will not reduce the elderly care available in Daventry. They will improve it significantly overall. With sensitive subjects like this, it is always important to check your facts otherwise quite a bit of distress can be caused to vulnerable people. I hope this letter has been able to set the record straight.

Adam Collyer

County Councillor (UKIP)

Daventry West Division


There is support

If you or one of your readers is supporting someone living with dementia, or is living with dementia themselves, then it may be tempting to feel alone. In reality, there are nearly 8,000 people living with the condition in Northants (including more than 2,000 in Northampton and 1,000 in Daventry) meaning that there are many thousands locally who are in regular contact with family and friends with the condition.

I want to take the opportunity, as the Support Services Manager for the county, to highlight local help which many people don’t know about.

As well as carer support groups and singing groups across the area, we also run monthly ‘Dementia Cafes’ in Northampton and Daventry, Brackley and Towcester.

These ‘cafes’ provide people with dementia and carers, a platform to talk openly about living with dementia within a relaxed and informal environment. They also hear from a variety of guest speakers including health and social care professionals and representatives from the local community. Although we are in contact with many people locally, we know that there are many more who are missing out on support that can help them. If anyone wants more information, I would encourage them to call us on 01832 736670.

Dave Bassett

Alzheimer’s Society Support Services Manager , Northants


Dog owners get bad name

To the lady walking two greyhound/whippet dogs, one with a leather foot shoe, on Speke Drive, Ashby Fields at 3pm Monday. Please pick up your dog mess.

I saw one of her dogs defecate on the grass, she didn’t pick it up, just carried on walking. I turned my car around and confronted her, and she said... “I am not going to pick it up if I have nowhere to put it!”

I was completely dumbstruck.

Pick it up, put it in the nearest bin or take it home, it’s not rocket science. If you have a dog, and I do, it’s just what you have to do, no discussion.

It is people like this who give responsible dog owners a bad name.

Beatrix Jackson