A lot of people rely on charity shops

Sunrise over Friary Close, Daventry by Ase Johannessen
Sunrise over Friary Close, Daventry by Ase Johannessen

Holly Harris, quoted in your Have Your Say column last week, is lucky to be able to afford to shop in M&S, Next & H&M.

There are a lot of people in Daventry who rely on charity shops and, despite what she thinks, it is not all rubbish. I have bought some good quality things from them; also they do a lot of good for whichever charity they are for. Would she refuse to get in the Air Ambulance I wonder? The Heart Foundation, Age Concern, DEBRA, Salvation Army, Cancer Research all do good work and rely on charity to keep going.

J Gardner



Let’s keep on going

More than £100,000 has been raised each year in the past two years towards the Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal thanks to the generosity of the people of Northamptonshire, this sum is larger than many cities in the UK. This fantastic amount cannot be raised without the help of a large number of voluntary collectors who do so such a marvellous job.

This year we are hoping to raise an even greater sum and are desperately requiring collectors. If you can spare a few hours during the period October 26 to November 9 inclusive and would like to volunteer please contact Dean Griffin, the Hon Poppy Appeal Organiser, on 07713 028655 or find us on Facebook “Northampton Poppy Appeal”.

You do not have to be a member of the British Legion, nor is there a requirement for you to be ex HM Forces.

A Blitz Night is to be held in Kingsley Park Workingmens’ Club on Saturday (September 28) from 7.30pm to 11.30pm in aid of the Poppy Appeal. Tickets are available from Deirdre on 07590 979279 and are £5 for adults and £3.50 for children, this includes bangers and mash. Period dress is optional and there will be a prize for the best dressed.

A Poppy Ball is to be held in The Guildhall, Northampton on Saturday, November 2, 2013 from 7 pm–12.30am. Dress: Black tie/evening dress/mess dress. Tickets are a £38 donation to the Poppy Appeal and this includes a three-course meal and music. There will also be an auction and a raffle. Tickets can be obtained from Dean Griffin, Northampton Poppy Appeal, on 07713 028655 or purchase online at www.northamptonpoppyappeal.co.uk

Norman Brown

Media Rep RBL Northampton


Welcome to new shops

Finally. At last, some new shops coming to Daventry. It was excellent to see the new shop Best Before It’s Gone active and busy on Friday when it opened. It was one of the rare times when you could see a real buzz on the High Street.

While I initially groaned at the thought of another cafe however the concept behind the comic book cafe is an intriguing one. The idea that there will be something designed for the younger people in the town is definitely to be welcomed, especially given the lack of something to do for teenagers. I am sure that when it opens, it will create a similar buzz in the town. These type of shops are a great change from the usual charity shops that normally get opened in the town. The problem in my mind is a circular one; Daventry doesn’t attract a ‘critical mass’ of shoppers because it doesn’t have any big names, but they won’t come here until there are more shoppers. That’s where shops like these, and the many other quality independent we have come in. If they start to draw people in then eventually, if we have suitable retail units built, the chain names people clamour for will come.

Let’s hope that when the town is redeveloped, there are shops that cause the same level of excitement.

David Agnew



Who do they work for?

I would like to comment on the situation with our local councillors. My feeling is that too many of them are representing the council and making excuses when dealing with us, the residents.

My understanding is that the councillors are elected by us, to represent us ad to fight our corner within the council departments. There is a subtle difference between the two.

This was highlighted recently. Chris Heaton Harris was due to visit a group of residents in Lang Farm.

One of the topics for discussion was the upkeep of the public areas around Daventry, grass cutting and shrub maintenance.

As all of us who live in Daventry know, there were some improvements that desperately needed to be made by the contractor, Enterprise.

The day before Chris Heaton Harris visited Lang Farm, Enterprise tended the shrubs and verges together with cutting the grass, but only from the entrance to the estate all the way up to where he was going, assumedly so he wouldn’t get an accurate impression of what myself and many other residents have been complaining about. The surrounding areas were not done.The only way Enterprise would have known about this meeting is if they had been informed, whether directly or indirectly within the council, by our councillors.

I know the are are some outstanding people who do very good and unpaid work as councillors but my feeling is that too many also forget their brief, as said before they are elected to represent the residents in the council.

Chris Mann

Nightingale Close, Daventry