A Local Plan would help planning department and developers

THE recent planning applications reported in the Daventry Express (April 5) affecting villages in the Daventry area demonstrate the appalling lack of direction in the district’s planning policy.

An application for building houses to the East of Station Road in Long Buckby was recommended for approval by the planners despite their own report highlighting the arguments against such an approval.

Although councillors rejected the application, the question as to why their own planning department thought it should be approved has not been satisfactorily answered.

At the recent meeting held to discuss another application on a different site, Cllr Steve Osborne, chairing the meeting, admitted that he respected the planner’s view which he said was based on the lack of available land in the Daventry area.

This implies that Daventry is exporting its development pressure, possibly hoping that further investment in infrastructure can be avoided.

This is non-planning – developers must know where they can develop without wasting money on fruitless applications, and communities need to know where development will take place to ensure suitable school places, traffic controls, health facilities etc. are in place.

Currently Long Buckby is facing a potential increase in population of more than 10 per cent, but no studies have been made as to the ability of the local services and infrastructure to support this.

A moratorium on all planning applications which apply to sites outside current village boundaries should put in place until a Local Plan exists.

Matthew Kinross

Long Buckby