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Mark centenary of Armistice Day

This year we mark the centenary of the end of the First World War.

On November 11 we will remember not only those who were lost in that conflict, but also the servicemen and women who were involved the Second World War and many conflicts that have occurred since.

With Remembrance Sunday approaching we have the chance to show our appreciation of the sacrifices they have made to keep us safe and free.

By buying and wearing a poppy we are not only remembering those who are no longer here, but also acknowledging the work of The Royal British Legion who, through their welfare services, help to support service personnel and their families.

To make sure that this vital service continues for as long as it is needed The Royal British Legion needs our contributions. I appeal to you all to give generously and wear your poppy with pride.

Cllr Cecile Irving-Smith

Chairman of Daventry

District Council

Time to use some common sense

The Hellidon Road Bridge in Charwelton has been closed since last June for an indefinite period and is indeed annoying and disruptive.

Daventry District Council) stepping in with a £200,000 investment, in addition to Aero Research Partnership’s £150,000, to “repair and strengthen” the bridge begs the question why strengthen the bridge when there is no longer a railway for it to cross?

Realising, of course, that the ARP tunnel development require access, surely the obvious solution would be to demolish the bridge, level the ramps either side and install, either a staggered junction, traffic lights or a mini roundabout. These solutions were originally presented in pre-planning correspondence and mentioned as a possible future planning application if not adopted at initial planning stage.

Surely common sense would dictate that removal rather than strengthen would be a “one off” investment, rather than any future continuing maintenance costs on a bridge for no reason.

Judith Jones


All of a sudden they find cash

I am a resident of Long Buckby, and I am amazed by your story about bridge repairs.

We have been told that money is tight and they cannot even afford to fix the roads.

And yet the Conservative-led council decide to spend this kind of money on a bridge.

Because they are all of a sudden helping the residents.

One of the bridges, leading into Long Buckby, Three Bridges Road, was hit some time ago.

Now, I am not saying it is probably as dangerous as this one,but we have had to put up with a one way system for months.

Perhaps our councillor hasn’t got a mate who is not being inconvenienced too much.

And our road is not privately owned!

Long Buckby resident

(name and address provided)

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We have got to change cultures

I was appalled and disgusted to read that hundreds of dead newborn girls have been discovered in Pakistani rubbish dumps. Reports indicate nearly 350 were found dead , with 99 per cent of them being girls.

The international community has to put pressure on Governments and cultures to educate and inform so this practice is stopped and gender beliefs and pre-conceptions are forcefully challenged and altered.

Margot Parker

UKIP MEP for the

East Midlands