Youngsters delight for lambs visit

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CHILDREN at a primary school have been helping to look after a pair of lambs in their own playground.

The lambs were named Shaun and Timmy by the pupils at Byfield Primary School who looked after the animals from Friday, March 4, to Friday, March 11.

They were bought into the school by Heather Stone who was looking after the lambs which were orphaned on a farm in Willoughby.

Miss Stone, the school’s reception teacher, said: “I was looking after them at home and I thought this would be a fantastic opportunity for the children at the school.

“The children have been really enthusiastic. They have enjoyed looking after them and feeding them. The older children have mixed up the milk for them which has been great.They have been really excited.

“It has led to a lot of interesting conversations in the school about the different breeds of lamb, how you look after the animals and also the food chain.

“I really hope this is something we can do again in the future.”

The lambs have now gone on to Badby Primary School.