You tell us where to pick litter

Rubbish on Browns Road
Rubbish on Browns Road

We want readers to help us pick an area in Daventry in need of being cleared of litter.

Since we launched our campaign to tidy up the town, several people and groups have been in touch offering to carry out litter picks in the town.

We want to find out where in Daventry has a particular problem and then organise a litter pick with Daventry Volunteer Centre. But do to so we need readers to suggest areas, and send us photos so we can compare them.

While on the Grange estate last week with volunteer litter collector Jacquie Ward, there was evidence of litter lying in hedges and hidden by plants.

In one area workers from Enterprise had seemingly strimmed weeds, but failed to notice the litter among them. The result was shredded litter being sprayed over the pavement, including drinks cans torn by the equipment and bottles being smashed.

Daventry District Council’s deputy chief executive Simon Bovey said: “These matters are important and we will be investigating them with our contractor, Enterprise. Areas should be cleared of litter before being mown. It should also be stressed that some individuals should act more responsibly and not drop litter in the first place. We will be considering what further action we can take as part of a campaign to ensure our area is clean and tidy.

“The assistance of the public in helping achieve this is much appreciated.”

Send us your litter pick areas to or tweet us