Yelvertoft woman died after taking painkillers

Northampton General Hospital.'Pic Paul Robinson    News ENGNNL00120110311171933
Northampton General Hospital.'Pic Paul Robinson News ENGNNL00120110311171933

The coroner has given a narrative verdict on the death a 48 year old woman from Yelvertoft.

An inquest at Northampton General Hospital today (Wednesday) heard how Donna Doonan of Yelvertoft Marina was found dead in her houseboat on August 28 last year, had a history of self harm and depression.

The inquest heard from ex-husband Kevin Ragbir, who said Ms Doonan, who worked as a machinist in Northampton, struggled with alcoholism, eventually leading to the breakdown of their relationship.

Ms Doonan then formed a relationship with Timothy Barrett, a colleague from work. Mr Barrett said in a statement read out by the coroner that they lived together on his houseboat for a number of years. He said Ms Doonan, who grew up in Manchester suffered a childhood trauma when her mother died in her 20s.

Despite efforts to curtail her drinking, Mr Barrett said Ms Doonan continued to drink in secret and he ended the relationship. Assistant coroner Hassam Shah said he could not rule Ms Doonan had intended to end her life and added that, due to the high levels of painkillers found in her system, he could not rule it accidental.