Year of fundraising is a fitting tribute

A cheque for £8,350 to the Friends of Danetre Hospital has been hailed as evidence of how well local people view the town’s community hospital

The money was presented on Tuesday by Cllr Chris Long who spent his time as chairman of Daventry District Council raising money for the Friends.

Chris Long hands money over to the Friends of Danetre Hospital

Chris Long hands money over to the Friends of Danetre Hospital

Receiving the cheque, Ria Reeves, Matron at Danetre Hospital, said: “A huge thank you to Chris for the money raised this past year for the Friends. It’s a fantastic amount. We are very much hoping it will be used to convert the old chapel at Danetre into a centre for staff training.”

Arthur Pritchett, secretary of the Friends, said: “The amount of work Chris and his team have put in to raising this money is phenomenal.

“I’d like to thank all the people that have contributed.

“It is a tribute to what people think of the hospital itself.”

Events to raise the money took place throughout the past 12 months, from simple bucket collections through to musical concerts.

Cllr Long said: “At the beginning of my time as chairman, I stated that I wanted to act as a catalyst to get the community of Daventry district to help me to raise funds for our community hospital.

“Following numerous meetings with local schools, colleges, the UTC, staff at DDC, the various churches, Danetre Rotary Club, Forty One Club, Tangent, the list is endless, they all endorsed the plan and set about a variety of fundraising activities and events.

“This is our community hospital in the town and I wanted to get the community involved. It’s a great total and exceeds our target of £5,000, but it’s really all down to the community as I was only the catalyst. I have to thank everyone who was involved.”