Work gets underway on wind turbines

Work set to start on wind turbines at Watford
Work set to start on wind turbines at Watford

Motorists travelling through Watford can expect significant disruption over the coming months after major roadworks began on Monday.

Western Power Distribution are removing overhead cables on Station Road and other areas of the village and placing them underground to create head-room for hundreds of lorries travelling to the construction site of the Watford Lodge wind farm. A traffic light system is currently in place.

Watford parish councillor Yolanda Wilcock said many are concerned that the roadworks and the disruption they would cause: “We were very disappointed when the application was approved and we are very unhappy about the fact the road works were not highlighted in the original planning application. Nobody said we would have to put up for three months.”

Work will also be undertaken to widen the road surface at the Henley turn to allow heavy goods vehicles to bring windfarm components including nacelles and rotors off the A5 and onto the B5385 through the village and onto West Haddon Road.

A report published by the developers on DDC’s website estimates there will be 1314 individual deliveries to the site. The Watford Lodge Wind Farm was granted planning permission in 2011 after the German firm Volkswind won an appeal against DDC’s original refusal. A second application for five wind turbines near the Watford Gap service station was also refused.