Woodford Halse slimmers on the Great North Run to raise vital cash for charity

Emma and Heather
Emma and Heather

Two Woodford Halse women decided to tackle next month’s Great North Run after they made a pledge to lose weight, raising money for a cancer charity in the process.

Heather Rawden and Emma Cook both promised to shed some pounds as they were turning 50 this year, so they joined Weight Watchers in Daventry last September.

A year on and the pair, who train by running around nearby villages and taking part in Park Runs in Daventry, have lost three stone each with the race under two weeks away.

"Training has been hard work but good fun, I'm quite addicted to it now," said Heather, who had never done any running before beginning training for the half marathon in Newcastle.

"If I don't go running a couple of times a week I get quite grumpy.

"This will definitely be a one-off but I want to keep running and doing the 5k Park Runs because they're good fun."

At the start Heather could not run half a kilometre but thanks to her friend Emma and fellow Weight Watchers members she was able to stay motivated and committed to her training.

She said: "I had never run at all and we've both lost three stone so we were quite a lot heavier then. It was really hard. I couldn't even run half a kilometre when I started.

"Emma has always done a bit of running and it's good to do it with someone to motivate you, and there are other people at Weight Watchers that go as well so there was lots of group support."

Heather also gave a special mention to Sue Howe, who mentors the Weight Watchers group every Wednesday at the Saxon Suite in Daventry Leisure Centre.

"Sue is lovely. It's not only the meetings she's always texting you, Facebooking you and keeping you motivate. She's fantastic."

Emma and Heather have both chosen Teenage Cancer Trust as their fundraising charities. Both have got children whose friends have faced and survived the illness, and this helped the pair make their decision.

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