Woodford Halse pupils learn about food

Woodford Halse Primary School pupils at Tesco
Woodford Halse Primary School pupils at Tesco

Year 5 pupils from Woodford Halse Primary School visited Tesco in Daventry for the Farm to Fork Trail.

The trail is designed to help children understand where their food comes from, and to try and get children to have a healthier relationship with food.

The children went into store and went into the bakery and made some buns, went onto the counters and tried different cheeses and looked at the different kinds of fish.

They were then taken on a world tour on the produce department, finding out how far some products came from, they also tried fruits that they had never tasted before, they had a look in the warehouse and cold areas and finally in groups they were set the task of purchasing a healthy meal for four with a budget of £10, they then put these through a checkout.