Woodford Halse parish chairman ‘moved’ by petition

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A PARISH council chairman who is standing down next month has said she is proud of her achievements.

Bernadette Rogers, who has been the chairman of Woodford-cum-Membris Parish Council for the past 15 years, will take charge of her final meeting next month.

She said: “I have told people that there is a council chamber in the sky waiting for me and I do not want to get there while I am in office.

“I am now well into my 82nd year, so I thought now would be the right time to go.”

She has highlighted a number of achievements in her time of charge of the parish council.

Cllr Rogers added: “We have had a fight to try and prevent the wind farm being built near her which involved a lot of the villages. We have also seen the appointment of our own PCSO who has helped out with crime in our village.

“The size of the industrial estate has increased so there are more jobs in the area.

“There has been two proposals during my time to close the library in the village and both times we have been successful in keeping it open.”

Such has been her popularity in the area that villagers collected a petition asking her to reconsider.

Cllr Rogers said: “I am very moved that this petition was not presented to the parish council, but to me.

“I am sure that whoever takes over from me would not want the queen mother standing over them so I will be standing down from the parish council.”

Now that she is stepping down from politics she will be concentrating more on another community role.

Cllr Rogers said: “I have been the church organist for the past 23 years and am hoping to be elected as the churchwarden.

“It is my way of giving something else back to the village.”

A new chairman will be elected by the parish council at its next meeting held on Tuesday, May 10 held at the Memorial Hall at 7pm.