Women’s Tour brings funds into the county

An independent report detailing the economic impact of the Women’s Tour has shown that the event brought almost £500,000 into the county.

Stage one of the first-ever Women’s Tour took place in May which went through the Daventry district and finished in Northampton.

Approximately 55,000 people lined the Northamptonshire route on the first day and a survey carried out after the event found that 54 per cent of these spectators came from outside of the county.

It’s estimated that during stage one of the Women’s Tour, spectators spent a total of £449,812, of which £386,362 was spent in Northamptonshire. Plus a further £88,000 was spent in the county on hotels and overnight accommodation.

The survey also showed 75 per cent of people were inspired to cycle more often after seeing the Women’s Tour.

Deputy leader of Northamptonshire County Council Cllr Heather Smith said: “We are so proud to have hosted the first stage of the inaugural Women’s Tour and pleased that it brought nearly £500,000 into Northamptonshire’s economy.

“Another particularly welcome statistic is that the event inspired 75 per cent of spectators to get on their bikes. This is great news, as one of the key reasons we supported this event was to increase the profile of sport and cycling in particular and encourage people to get more active.”