Woman walks away unhurt after car flips and lands on two vehicles at Braunston pub

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​Customers were left shaken after a car left the road and landed on two parked vehicles in a pub car park.

The accident happened at The Boathouse in Braunston at about 8.45pm last night.

Witnesses say the car was travelling along a recently resurfaced road when the driver appeared to lose control and crash down two grass banks.

it flipped over at the bottom of the second slope, landing roof-to-roof with two parked cars, with the impact knocking one of them sideways.

Fortunately, nobody was in the parked cars and the driver of the car that left the road - a woman, who witnesses said was in her fifties - was, incredibly, unhurt.

Matt Smith, who was in the pub when the accident happened, said: “Some kids came running in screaming that there had been a crash. We all dashed out and by the time we got there, the woman had climbed out on her own.

“Her legs were shaking but she was unhurt. She was very lucky.”

It is thought the car was travelling from the direction of Daventry towards Rugby along a road where works started on Wednesday morning. There is currently a temporary 20mph speed limit in place.