Wind farms plans in Lilbourne likely to get go-ahead

A DISTRICT councillor has warned that plans for a wind farm in Lilbourne are likely to get the go-ahead.

Cllr Alan Chantler made the comments following a planning inquiry which concluded last week.

The scheme proposed by energy firm Hemex calls for six turbines near to the village.

He said: “I can’t predict the outcome but I think the system is structured against local people and for the firms in these cases, so I fully expect the planning inspectorate to grant planning permission for this.

“A lot of people I have spoken to have thought the inquiry was fair but that they expected it to be given permission because the last thing the planning inspectorate will hear is 100 reasons why the turbines should be given the go-ahead.”

Hemex’s application had gone to appeal after Daventry District Council (DDC) had thrown out the plans in October last year.

In their closing statement to the inquiry, DDC maintained it still had the same reasons for refusal.

Mark Beard QC, speaking on behalf of DDC, said: “If permitted, the wind farm development would have an unacceptable impact on the setting and significance of designated heritage assets at Lilbourne and Stanford and on the living conditions of identified residential properties on Yelvertoft Road.

“Following the examination of the evidence, little has changed and the council maintains its objection to the proposed development.”

Earlier in the inquiry, Daventry’s MP Chris Heaton-Harris criticised Hemex for treating people dreadfully and with disrespect throughout the inquiry.

Another villager, who lives the closest to the planned development, said that if the turbines were built then it would be like living in a disco because of the shadow flicker.

A decision is due from the planning inspector in the near future.