Wind farm appeal launched

AN APPEAL has been lodged by an energy firm wanting to build a wind farm near to a battlefield site.

E.On will try to overturn a decision made by Daventry District Council (DDC) to deny planning permission for seven turbines to be built close to the Battle of Naseby. DDC turned the plans down due to the impact on the surrounding area.

E.On has appealed to the national planning inspector to reconsider the decision.

A spokesman said: “We still fully believe our proposal represents the right technology, in the right location to ensure energy security and combat climate change.”

The planning inspector will only have to consider six turbines, as one has now been removed from the scheme because E.On thought it was too close to housing.

After blocking the plans in December last year, DDC is expected to maintain its opposition during an official hearing in September.

In a report which will be seen by councillors next week, the authority’s community manager, Maria Taylor, said: “The case officer is confident the council’s case can continue to be argued robustly.”