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The Mallabar family
The Mallabar family

When first-time mum Michelle Mallabar was struggling to bring up her twin boys, she didn’t know where to turn for support.

“I felt quite isolated when my husband Richard was at work and I grew more and more concerned I wasn’t doing things right,” said Michelle, mother of Noah and Ethan, now aged two.

“The worst thing was getting the boys off to sleep together – just as one of them would fall asleep the other would wake. I was constantly exhausted and drained and didn’t know what to do.”

Help came via Michelle’s health visitor, who put her in touch with Daventry and South Northants Sure Start Family Centre, run by Action for Children.

Helen Kimber, from the charity, was able to help Michelle by visiting her at home to give advice on sleep routines for her twins.

Michelle, from Timken, said: “Helen was amazing. She taught me a number of techniques that I’d never have thought of and, sure enough, we soon had the boys keeping to a routine, which let me get some much-needed rest!

“Helen was also helpful with advice on how to introduce solids to the boys – I had no idea about weaning and the thought of it freaked me out.”

Michelle also found out about the timetable of free services on offer for under-fives at Action for Children’s services around Daventry. She has since attended a baby music course with the boys and regularly taken part in other sessions and workshops.

Now Michelle is encouraging other parents in the area to make the most of the free services on offer. “I really would recommend mums from the area to make use of the support available,” she added.

“The different sessions have really engaged the boys and with them occupied and my mind’s at ease that they’re in a safe environment, I’ve made friends with other mums from the district.”