When should your Christmas decorations be put away?

When do the decorations go down?When do the decorations go down?
When do the decorations go down?
Santa's been and gone and you've had your decorations up for weeks.

The tree has lost so many needles that it’s pretty much bald and the dog’s pinched the tinsel at least three times. So when do you call it quits?

When should you take your decorations down?

Christmas officially ends on January 6, the Epiphany, which is known as the day the Three Wise Men visited Jesus in Bethlehem.

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This makes January 5 your not-so-official deadline for taking down your tree down; it’s considered bad luck to take down your baubles at any other time.

What’s the superstition behind it?

Historically, it was believed that tree spirits were sheltered by Christmas greenery over winter.

Taking down holly and ivy before Epiphany meant that the spirits could be released in the New Year well cared for, which was thought to prevent agricultural problems as spring approached.

Is the modern day perspective different?

The modern day version focuses on not taking your decorations down too late as to avoid encouraging bad luck. It seems that as the years go on, the Christmas festivities start earlier and earlier, leaving many fed up of seeing their festive living rooms before the new year has even arrived.

Everyone has their own traditions so sticking to your guns is probably your best bet.

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