Wheelie bins and cars among 14 arson incidents in Daventry since September


Daventry has seen 14 fires in a three-month period from September to December all of which are believed to be deliberate, says Northamptonshire Police.

Some of these fires involved rubbish containers including a skip and, in one case, a wheelie bin.

Other incidents saw cars, including a police vehicle, and outdoor storage being targeted.

Arson Task Force officer Andy Evans said: “We are disappointed to see the number of recent fires in Daventry which are believed to have been arson.

“Deliberately set fires can cause serious damage to property and could potentially endanger life, so we take these incidents very seriously.

“We will be continuing to work with local residents and are today releasing some safety advice about the steps people can take to help prevent certain locations being targeted by this type of offender.

“Even something as simple as putting out rubbish on the correct day can be enough to at least minimise the risk that it could be set alight.”

Work to tackle arson is ongoing in the Daventry area as part of Operation Unite, which involves Northamptonshire Police, Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue Service, Daventry District Council and other partners.

The force has issued arson prevention advice and has asked anyone with information about incidents of deliberate fire setting to call Northamptonshire Police on 101, or 999 in an emergency.

- Avoid placing bins, rubbish, or other combustible items against the walls of your home. These are a ready supply of fuel for an arsonist.

- If rubbish can only be stored alongside your building, then please avoid putting it directly against the wall of your home, to minimise the chance of fire spreading.

- Do not allow rubbish to accumulate in areas outside your home. Piles of discarded waste can be targets for deliberate fire setters.

- Ensure you only place rubbish out for collection on the correct day.

- Maintain good security in and around your home. Remember to close and lock any gates. Lock doors and windows when you go out. Make sure fencing is in a good state of repair.

- Consider installing security lighting at your home to deter intruders.

- Sheds and garages should be locked. Do not leave flammable liquids in the open.

- If you see fly-tipped waste, then please report this immediately. Fly-tipped rubbish in the Daventry area can be reported online by calling 01327 871100.