Well-known woman retires

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A woman who has been a friendly face helping customers from behind post office counters in Daventry for 36 years has retired.

Christine Marshall has spent 24 years at the Post Office in Sheaf Street and before that ran the branch that used to be on the Headlands.

She said: “I used to work in the post office in Birmingham for a couple of years before we moved to Daventry.

“After a couple of years of being here in Daventry I started to run the Post Office branch on Hood Road, a subpost office.

“It was very different working in the post office back then. We didn’t have any computers and had to do everything by hand. Now some things are a lot faster to do.

“After that I moved to Sheaf Street to the Crown Post Office and when it was taken over I stayed on.

“I really enjoy the contact you get with people and you get friendly with them because some of them you see on a regular basis.

“I like helping customers when they come in. That was even more so when I worked at Hood Road, as I was on my own, so I got to know a lot of the people really well.

“Of course the transformation of the Sheaf Street branch has happened as well while I worked here.

“It used to be a room with space for a queue and the counters all down one side.

“These days in the new Sheaf Street shop our Post Office counter is in what used to be the old stock room out the back of the Crown Office that wasn’t open to the public.”

The Hood Road branch was one of five post offices in Daventry at one stage, along with branches on the Grange and Ashby Fields which were closed by the Post Office leaving only Sheaf Street and Edinburgh Square.

“One of the best things is the number of friends I’ve made among the people I’ve worked with.

“When the Sheaf Street office was the Crown Office I made lots of friends with my colleagues there and we’re still all in touch. I hope it’ll be the same with the people I work with now.

“I don’t know really know what retirement feels like. I guess I’ll know in a few days!

“But it’s been my choice to leave and I’m going so I can spend more time with my husband, Ken.

“The thing is I think that if you leave it too long in life to do these things, then when you get round to it, it could be too late.”