Weedon's historic depot wants public's help with special exhibition

The Royal Ordnance Depot
The Royal Ordnance Depot

An historic Daventry district site is seeking the public's help in creating an exhibition of artefacts, images and stories related to its past as it welcomes guests to its annual open weekend.

Weedon's Royal Ordnance Depot was awarded Heritage Lottery Funding to open a visitor centre and curate the exhibit, and now they want people who used to work there or who know someone who did during World War Two to come forward and share their experiences.

Any memorabilia, artefacts, old photographs and hidden treasure are also being sought by depot staff ahead of the exhibition's Easter 2018 opening.

On August 12 and 13 the depot, which dates back to the Napoleonic war and was active right up into the 1960s, will open its gates to the public for its annual open weekend event fit for all the family.

The Weedon Depot community group event will celebrate vintage lifestyle and military history.

Attractions for all ages including live music, dance, vintage cars, buses, antiques, crafts, military theatre and more will also feature.

Visitor centre staff will be on hand throughout the weekend to record the public's stories about the depot as well as collect any memorabilia and artefacts related to the site.

All items will be either borrowed or bought from the contributor and all contributors will be invited to the VIP visitor centre launch party.

Tickets can be purchased on the door, £5 adult, £10 family all weekend, and more information is available here.