Weedon man jailed after attack in Daventry pub

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THE manager of a Daventry pub suffered a fractured eye socket when he was attacked by a man he had refused to serve.

CCTV cameras captured Arkadusc Gasirek, 26, as he lost his temper and attacked manager Mark Loudon and two other people at Friday’s pub on the High Street.

Alex Bull, prosecuting at Northampton Crown Court, said Gasirek and a friend were drinking at the High Street bar on March 22, on the same day he had lost his job.

She said: “The two males came into the pub at 7.30pm and had a drink together and by 9.20pm, one of the males appeared to be very drunk, so the manager refused to serve them. The defendant asked to buy some bottles to take out but he was again refused.”

Judge Sylvia De Bertodano was shown CCTV footage from inside the pub which showed Gasirek become increasingly aggressive at being refused service before punching Mr Loudon.

The manager suffered a nose bleed, bruising to the face, a fractured eye socket as well as on-going facial nerve damage.

When two other men who had also been drinking at Friday’s tried to calm the situation down Gasirek attacked them too.

CCTV cameras showed the bar fight only stopped when Gasirek’s friend stepped in and pushed him out from the bar.

Gasirek, of Watling Street, Weedon, who pleaded guilty to three offences of inflicting actual bodily harm and assault, was jailed for nine months.

Judge Bertodano said: “You were upset at the manager of your hostel and then went out and had a great deal to drink.

“When the bar manager refused to serve you, you argued with him and hit him so hard you fractured an eye socket and when two men intervened, you assaulted them as well, one of them repeatedly in the face. It’s clear it was a serious and sustained incident and you were effectively out of control when hitting this man.

“As a result, three men went home with injuries and, in Mr Loudon’s case, with serious injuries requiring hospital treatment.

“The offence is aggravated by the fact you had been drinking and the main victim was a person working during the course of their employment. People like him must be able to go about their jobs without being assaulted or injured by people like you who have had too much to drink. If you start fighting and cause serious injuries then you must go to prison.”

Steven Evans, mitigating, said Gasirek was an occasional drinker who had too much to drink of the day he had lost his job.

He added: “He is someone who knows the difference between right and wrong and is in a position to pay compensation. “He could not argue were he to receive a prison sentence.”