Weedon man found guilty of stabbing

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A MAN from Weedon is facing years in prison and possible deportation after being found guilty of inflicting life-threatening injuries.

Samuel Nimubona, 38, from Oak Street, denied stabbing Alex Holt several times while he was fighting on the ground with another man who had knocked his girlfriend unconscious.

CCTV footage showed Nimubona making a stabbing action towards the victim, who suffered a punctured chest cavity and diaphragm which required emergency surgery. However, Northampton Crown Court heard that a knife found at the scene of the stabbing, in Regent Street, Northampton, did not have his DNA on it.

Nimubona pleaded not guilty to wounding with intent, with an alternative of wounding, but was found guilty by a jury on Monday of the more serious charge after a three-day trial.

Tim Brown, prosecuting, said a number of people had gathered at Mr Holt’s flat and were joined by more people over the course of the evening on Tuesday February 14, but

He said: “There was a disturbance and a ruckus and the tenant [Mr Holt] called for help from the agent of his landlord.”

Mr Brown said the agent arrived at the flat and moved the troublemakers on, but they remained in the street outside the property.

He said: “At some point in the sequence, the defendant joined the group. He was not there initially.”

A confrontation started between another man and Mr Holt’s girlfriend, who punched her in the face leaving her unconscious. Mr Holt then fought with the man.

Mr Brown added; “The result was to draw Mr Holt into a confrontation and the pair started to fight. They go to ground and there comes a point where Mr Holt is on top of the other man.”

Mr Brown said the landlord’s agent tried to break the fight up, at which point Nimubona walked up to the fighting. He said: “He had a knife and stabbed Mr Holt in the back as he is struggling [with the other man].

“Having done that, he walked away from the scene. He has caused very serious damage to Mr Holt who was bleeding everywhere.”

Judge Michael Fowler said he wanted an assessment on how much of a danger Nimubona presents to the public before he passes sentence. At a hearing earlier this year, the court heard Nimubona is a Tutsi refugee from Burundi who lost his family during the ethnic killings in the mid 1990s, leaving him fearful of being returned.

Having been convicted of wounding with intent, he is at risk of receiving a long prison sentence and if it is longer than 12 months, he is at risk of automatic deportation from the UK. Judge Michael Fowler further remanded him in custody until next month.