Weedon Bec pupils raise money heart charity

Children at Weedon Bec Primary, with Aimee, Olivia and Paul Wood.
Children at Weedon Bec Primary, with Aimee, Olivia and Paul Wood.
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Youngsters at Weedon Bec Primary School took part in a fundraising drive to help out one of their teachers.

Aimee Wood is currently on maternity leave having given birth to her second child 

However, the youngster suffered from a rare heart condition called tetralogy of Fallot, a congenital heart defect which left her with a hole in the heart and also results in low oxygenation of blood due to the mixing of oxygenated and deoxygenated blood in the left ventricle. It affects four in 10,000 children.

While Olivia is on the road to recovery, the children at Mrs Wood’s school held a fundraising day on Friday last week to raise money for the Heart Link Glenfield charity based in Leicester where Olivia received treatment.

The children wore red clothing in return for a donation to the charity and also had an assembly where Mrs Wood and her husband Paul talked about Olivia’s condition.

Mrs Wood said: “It was absolutely amazing that the children were prepared to do this for us and that is why, if Olivia was well enough, we were going to come down and say thank you for all of their efforts.

“I think the best thing about the fundraising is that the money will be going to help someone like me. Someone that I know.

“Olivia is doing really well as a result of the operations she has had. She will need more but hopefully, one or two exceptions aside, she will be able to have a life like any other children.”

The charity was set up in 1981 and was designed to be a support group for parents and families who had a child who is suffering from a heart defect.

The school’s deputy headteacher Di Hill said the school had raised £200 from the event.