Weather watchers' ray of sunshine with 20°C heat for Northamptonshire's holiday weekend

Washout month set to end with promise of brighter, dryer and warmer days to come
The Sun — in case you've forgotten what it looks like!The Sun — in case you've forgotten what it looks like!
The Sun — in case you've forgotten what it looks like!

Weather watchers are finally promising a dry and sunny bank holiday weekend after one of Northamptonshire's wettest months of May on record.

Brighter and mostly dry conditions are forecast from Thursday with temperatures reaching 20°C by Sunday.

All that after some areas of the county saw nearly a full month's rainfall in just a few hours!

Flooding was reported in villages and, according to @NNweather, a personal weather station at Eastcote recorded 41.91mm of rainfall on Monday (May 24) — most of it after 3pm. The average for all of May is 54.4mm.

But there is good news on the horizon as @NNweather added: "It looks as though conditions in the county will turn drier, brighter and warmer towards the end of this week ready for the bank holiday weekend.

"We might even reach the dizzy heights of 20°C!"

According to the Met Office weather station at Pitsford, Northamptonshire saw the longest recorded dry spell in May with 29 days without a drop of rain in 2020.

And last spring was the sunniest since 1929, beating the 555.3 hours of sunshine in 1948.

But it's all been a bit different 12 months on with rain on 18 days in a row up to May 19 and not one day with temperatures in the 20s.

According to the Met Office daily forecasts, temperatures should hit 17°C by Friday and 19°C on Saturday with two days of unbroken sunshine to follow on Sunday and Monday.