Warnings issued to riders of nuisance motorbikes in Daventry

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POLICE in Daventry have issued two Section 59 warnings to riders in relation to reports of motorcycle nuisance on a number of the town’s estates.

In the last week or so, bike riders have been causing a nuisance to residents on the Southbrook, Grange and Stefen Hill estates.

PCSO Adam Colton, of Daventry Safer Community Team, said: “We have issued two warnings and we will be looking to seize other bikes and prosecute for road traffic offences in the near future.

“These people have been riding the bikes around the school finish times and parents are worried that, because of the way the bikes are being ridden, somebody may get injured.

“Riding around the estates causes alarm, harassment and distress for a number of residents on these estates.

“We would ask members of the public to contact us with any reports of motorcycle nuisance and with any information as to who is riding the bikes.”