Warning to motorists over floods

Floods in London Road, Daventry
Floods in London Road, Daventry

MOTORISTS are being advised take care and only take necessary journeys this afternoon as a result of flooding.

Heavy rain throughout the night and this morning has left standing water on many of the county’s roads and the rain is expected to continue as the afternoon progresses.

The photo above comes from Tony Jackson and shows London Road, at the junction for Danetre Hospital, at around 1.30pm today (Wednesday, November 21). The volume of rainwater in the drain was causing it to well up and flood the road.

One lane of both the west and eastbound carriageways of the A14, from the Catthorpe Interchange to junction 2, are closed, leading to heavy congestion.

The M1 is open, however there is very heavy congestion as traffic slows due to the difficult driving conditions.

A large number of rural roads are also flooded.

Officers are advising people to only make journeys that are absolutely necessary.

A police spokesperson said: “Our advice to motorists at the moment is only make those journeys that are absolutely necessary.

“If you do need to go out, make sure you slow down, use your lights if it is dark and remember to leave an increased breaking distance between yourself and the car in front.

“Also, if you are planning to use the M1 or A14 this afternoon and it is possible to do so, please use an alternative route.”