Warning over dangers of nitrous oxide after canisters found in Daventry in recent days

A typical nitrous oxide canister
A typical nitrous oxide canister

Police in Daventry are asking young people and parents to be aware of the dangers of nitrous oxide after a number of discarded canisters were found in the Daventry area over the last few days.

Nitrous oxide, which is often called ‘laughing gas,’ can be very dangerous when inhaled. It can cause oxygen starvation to the brain, leading to premature death, and the risk increases if it is taken with alcohol and when it is taken in a confined space.

Nitrous oxide is not illegal to possess in the UK, however it is illegal to sell it to anyone under the age of 18 if the seller thinks it is going to be illicitly used.

Other common street names that parents and guardians should be aware of are ‘whippets’ ‘hippie crack’ or ‘chargers.’

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