Warning over burglaries

PEOPLE are being warned they face a real threat of burglary unless they lock up their homes this summer.

Daventry Sergeant Sam Dobbs is urging residents to make sure their properties are secure after seeing a spate of break-ins across the district.

He told the Daventry Express: “When people think of burglaries they imagine the offender smashing in their door or windows.

“But in reality a lot of burglars just have to walk into people’s homes because they aren’t locked up properly.

“We see a lot of this during the summer, and I really want to get the message across that people need to lock up their homes when they go out.

“If they don’t they become a really easy target for anyone wishing to break in.”

Earlier this month four properties in the district were targeted during a suspected burglary spree.

Two males and a female were arrested and charged in connection with the offences.

Sgt Dobbs added: “Like my colleagues, I have nothing but contempt for this type of crime which ruins the sanctity of people’s homes.

“There is a lesson there for all of us to make burglars’ lives more difficult by locking our doors and hiding our car keys.”