War memorial to be replaced?

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CRUMBLING stone and subsidence at Daventry’s 90-year-old war memorial may lead to it being replaced and moved.

Ahead of this Sunday’s Remembrance Day the memorial, off Abbey Street, was cleaned. However, workers discovered the stone is weathering and flaking away as well as sinking into the ground.

Daventry Town Council is responsible for the upkeep of the memorial, which was unveiled in 1922. Leader, Cllr Steve Tubb said: “The council decided to clean the memorial and do some maintenance on the names.

“But the workers discovered the stone is in a bad way. We don’t know exactly what stone it’s made of, but it is weathering and flaking.

“The monument is also sinking as well and cracks are appearing – not enough to be dangerous now, but it’s something we need to be keeping an eye on.

“We don’t know what it will cost, but with the anniversary of the First World War approaching we think there will be some grants.

“It’s all in a very early stage at the moment. If we are going to replace the memorial, and there’s sinking at the Abbey Street site, I think we will also look at moving it as well to another site in the town centre.

“Somewhere a bit more central might be better so that people see it more often.

“One site that’s already been mentioned is the patch of unused ground on the edge of the Market Square.”

The town council will now look into the cost of repairing or replacing the monument, and possible sources of money.

Ted Sharp from the Daventry branch of the Royal British Legion, said: “It is very good to know the memorial is being looked after and if it needs replacing it should be replaced.

“If it is replaced then parts of the old memorial should be kept and maybe used in the new one, to provide a link.”

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