Waitrose donate to local life-saving charity

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VOLUNTEERS who give their time to transport emergency blood, organs and milk for premature babies received a cheque for their charity from Waitrose on Tuesday.

Danny Bateman, of Long Buckby, and John Allen are two members of Serv (Service by Emergency Rider Volunteers) also knows as Bloodrunners who volunteer to travel across Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and the Northamptonshire area.

They were presented with a cheque for £864 from Waitrose who have increased the amount they give to charity in November and December to £3,000.

Adam O’Connor, from Waitrose, said: “It is really good to be able to donate to local charities like this and it shows the community there is a different side to Waitrose.”

Serv was nominated by the public and chosen by Waitrose staff to receive the money.