Voting reform on cards at DDC

TWO Daventry district councillors hope to change the way voting takes place for council seats in a move they believe will save money.

Opposition Labour leader Wendy Randall has proposed a motion to hold a public consultation asking the 62,000 voters in the district if they want the current system to change.

At the moment one third of DDC seats are put up for election each year, with a break in the fourth year. The Labour proposal would see elections for all the seats take place at the same time just once every four years.

The motion will be put before DDC tonight (Thursday).

Cllr Randall said: “The current system costs council tax payers about £90k per third, or £270k for three elections in the four-year cycle. Whole council elections would cost approximately £125k per election (one per four year cycle) potentially saving £145 per four year cycle or £36k per year.”

Cllr Abigail Campbell has seconded the motion for a consultation.

She said: “It would give residents more confidence in the impact and influence of their vote. It would guarantee more publicity which would increase voter turn-out.”