Volunteers help busy ambulance service

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VOLUNTEERS from the Daventry area have stepped up to help the ambulance service.

The group are there to lend extra help when the current ambulance service finds itself stretched, such as in cold weather. No cuts to regular ambulances are planned.

Trained in life-saving skills, one volunteer from Daventry, one from Weedon plus four others responding to requests from East Midlands Ambulance Service (EMAS) during busy periods using adapted Red Cross ambulances.

Mark Middleton (left in the picture), a volunteer from Daventry, said: “We have responded to a wide range of calls including transporting patients to hospital. For example, on a recent shift we were called to an elderly lady who had suffered two falls during the day. We made our way through the Friday night traffic and after liaising with the paramedic on the scene, made the lady comfortable and transported her to A&E.”