Volunteers gather to mark 80 years since the Daventry radar test

Members of the Bawdsey Radar Trust were out in force near the memorial marking 80 years since the first demonstration radar in Litchborough today Thursday).

Despite pouring rain and strong winds volunteers from Coventry Amateur Radio set up an impromptu radio station with the call-sign GB8ORE from 11am, making contact with other radio operators from across the country and beyond.

Brian Leathley-Andrew

Brian Leathley-Andrew

Robert Watson-Watt successfully demonstrated his invention for the first time on February 26, 1935, using receiving equipment set up near Weedon and the signals transmitted from the BBC station on Borough Hill.

His instruments were able to detect an RAF Heyford bomber flying at 6,000 feet – proving to the Air Ministry the effectiveness of what would later become known as radar.

In the late afternoon actor Eddie Izzard, who plays Robert Watson-Watt the star of new BBC drama charting Watson-Watt’s accomplishment also turned out to show his support.