Volunteers are key to locks

PEOPLE are being asked to volunteer as lock keepers to help run some of the busiest parts of our local canals.

British Waterways is currently looking for volunteers for locks at Marsworth, Napton, Braunston, Buckby, and Hillmorton to help care for the historic locks and get involved with other tasks on the canals.

The role of the lock keeper is steeped in iconic history, but they are just as crucial today as they were 200 years ago when the waterways were first formed.

In the past lock keepers had to defend themselves against river pirates and fight off toll thieves, however today’s volunteers will not have as challenging a time as their predecessors. Instead, the role is to provide a friendly service to the many waterway visitors, to assist the boaters through the locks and to maintain the lock area as well as welcoming visitors to some of the waterways’ most picturesque spots.

Anyone who can give some of their time on evenings or weekends is invited to contact Ed Moss on 01926 626171 or email volunteer@britishwaterways.co.uk.