Violent crime is ‘still very rare’

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POLICE are reassuring people that violent crime in Daventry is ‘very rare’.

Figures released last week revealed a 14 per cent increase in the district last year.

But temporary inspector Paul Valentine, sector commander for Daventry, said that figure is misleading in relation to the actual number of crimes.

He said: “Daventry is a place which has very low violent crime.

“Yes we have seen an increase in the past year but it’s very low compared to other towns. We can’t be compared to areas like Northampton.

“Basically we had an increase of 54 crimes, which equates to 14 per cent.

“Of course it’s disappointing because we had aimed to reduce violent crime by five per cent and haven’t achieved that.

“But that rate is still low and serious violence on the streets of Daventry is very rare.”

Insp Valentine added that domestic violence has risen, and that’s an area the police are now looking to target.

He said: “The biggest increase has been in domestic violence and we are working on plans to combat that.

“We will be meeting with the Community Safety Partnership to see how we can tackle this.

“Also ten per cent of the violent crime in the figures occurs in prisons.”

Talking about how the police deal with violent crimes, Insp Valentine said: “On certain pay day weekends we open the cells at Daventry to deal with night time violence.

“Our detection rate is up by 17 per cent, which means we now detect 46 per cent of all violent crime.

“And our customer satisfaction rate is above 90 per cent, which is above our target.

“My key message for people is to look behind the percentages and see that our detection rates are good and that people are happy with how we deal with violent crime.”