Villages ‘could be destroyed’ by large scale developments

Villages in the local area could be destroyed according to the chairman of the planning committee at Daventry District Council (DDC)

Cllr Steve Osborne, who is also the chairman of Long Buckby Parish Council, was addressing the parish council on Monday when he made the claims.

He was answering questions about the decision to close NatWest in the village despite two new housing developments which will see more than 200 homes built on Station Road.

He then went on to talk about the problems DDC faces because it currently does not have a definitive five-year land supply for new houses.

Cllr Osborne told the meeting: “It makes a lot of villages more vulnerable. If you don’t approve developments you could be liable.

“Knowing the developers could make an appeal means it couldn’t not be pleasant.

“We have lost the last two appeals on applications.” Sites in and immediately around Daventry can only be used for housing if the bypass for the A45/A5 between Dodford and the M1 gets built.

But Cllr Osborne claimed developers were avoiding Daventry in order not to fork out for the new road and were instead focusing on village sites.

He said: “Changes to funding for such projects mean more money should come from local developers, but because of the bypass issue, villages face absolute destruction, in my view. Lots of villages could be destroyed by large-scale development.”

The comments came prior to a meeting of DDC’s planning committee which will see applications for more than 200 homes in three different villages determined.

At the meeting on Wednesday, the committee will decide on an application for 99 homes in Kilsby, 80 in West Haddon and 30 in Flore.

Gladman Developments has put in the application for the homes in Rugby Road, Kilsby and has been recommended for refusal by planning officials at DDC. There have been objections from Kilsby Parish Council which says the homes would be on a greenfield site and would cause serious harm to the village.

These views have been echoed by 43 letters of complaints from residents and a representation from Kilsby Action Group.

Also to be determined are plans for 80 homes on Elizabeth Road and Victoria Close in West Haddon submitted by Miller Homes. Officers at DDC have recommended these for approval despite complaints from West Haddon Parish Council saying it is over-development of the village.

There have also been 25 letters from residents complaining about an increase in traffic and claiming neither West Haddon Primary School and nearby Guilsborough School can accommodate the expansion.

Officers have also recommended an application by Orbit Homes for 30 properties on land off Brockhall Land in Flore for approval.

The meeting will take place at 6.15pm at the council’s offices in Lodge Road.