Villagers welcome bypass

Villagers consulting on plans for the bypass around Flore and Weedon
Villagers consulting on plans for the bypass around Flore and Weedon

A consultation into the revised plans for the Flore/Weedon bypass has been given the thumbs up by local residents.

Northamptonshire County Council held exhibitions at Weedon Village Hall on Thursday last week and the Millennium Hall in Flore on Tuesday.

The revised plans detail a proposed new junction with the A45 between Weedon and Dodford.

The long-awaited road has been on the cards for decades due to the amount of traffic passing through Flore and Weedon on the A45.

But it has become even more important in recent years after a planning inspector said Daventry’s expansion, needed to support more facilities, would be limited until the capacity of the A45 to the M1 was increased.

Richard Ward, one of the villagers at the Flore exhibition, said: “One of the big concerns that we have is the amount of lorries that come through the village that are going at high speed.

“There are a lot of houses on the High Street which were not built on foundations and the speed they go past can disturb some of the houses.

“I think the traffic speeding through the village has also been a major concern.

“I think this amendment can only be of benefit to the local area.”

Northamptonshire Highways department, which is working on the project, is hoping that, should the process go smoothly, work will begin on the bypass in September next year.

Matthew Hammon, a team leader in transport planning for the department, said: “A lot of the people who have come to visit us in the two consultations we held have been very positive about the scheme and a lot of people want to see it built.

“People have been asking about how the bypass will fit into the other developments for the area such as Daventry and also the plans for building more homes near the M1.

“There have been a lot of questions about how far away it will be from people’s homes.

“If all goes well, we will be looking at submitting a planning application in the summer. From then, we will look at moving into the next phase with a much bigger public consultation. This will include lots of 3D visualisations of how the new bypass will look.”