Villagers’ visions to form Flore plan

Flore, which is setting up a neighbourhood plan
Flore, which is setting up a neighbourhood plan

People in Flore are being asked to share their visions, hopes and aspirations for their village’s future.

The drive to get people’s thoughts on the direction the village should take is part of the work being done to draw up its neighbourhood plan.

Neighbourhood plans were introduced under the Localism Act 2011 to allow communities to set out the future development of their area, and set the aims and expectations of those who live and work there.

Flore Parish Council has already undertaken the formal steps to get the process off the ground and is expecting the approval of Daventry District Council next month.

A volunteer steering group has also been formed.

A spokesman for the Flore Plan group said: “How many of us moan about decisions taken by others that directly impact on the way that we live, work and socialise?

“The answer is probably all of us.

“Well, now we have a chance to do something about it by taking the opportunity to shape the future of the village through the development of a ‘neighbourhood plan’ for the parish.”

Neighbourhood plans must cover a specific neighbourhood – this can be a whole parish if appropriate.

The plan allows people to choose where new homes, shops, open spaces, and offices are wanted.

But they need to study the background of the area and other planning documents as well as consulting with the public to build up the evidence for the plan.

The plans must also have regard to national and local planning policies.

Once completed neighbourhood plans are examined by an independent expert to check they comply with the rules. Then they are put to a public referendum and if they pass are given statutory significance in the planning process.