Villagers trying to save pub

A group of villagers are pooling their resources in a bid to reopen their cherished local pub nearly a year after it closed.

Mike Jones, Clive Atkins and Daniel Elkins , all from Charwelton, are currently working on a project to re-open the Fox and the Hounds in the village as a pub and community shop after it closed in December last year.

Mr Jones said: “Everybody in the village remembers The Fox and Hounds as a good pub but its legacy has been tarnished by a number of landlords coming and going.

“Charwelton currently has a village hall but no shop, post office or public facilities. The re-opening of the Fox and Hounds will fill this void and, in combination with the village hall, will act as a meeting place, centre of social life and be a thriving business.”

They have already drawn up plans to make sure the propoposal is viable. There is a planned refurbishment of the pub with the plan to open again at the start of September.

Mr Jones added: “We want to attract people from the village and surrounding environs and make it a hub for some of the community groups.

“The idea is it will also be open for breakfast, lunch and evening service as well.”

“The reason for setting up the shop is that for the people in the village, it saves them spending the diesel and petrol money and driving to Byfield just to buy a pint of milk.

“There is plenty of examples like this across the county and they do work and will help bring the pub back to Charwelton.”