Villagers meet over planning proposals

More than 100 residents turned out to a public meeting in Kilsby on Saturday over proposed new homes.

The key points that came out of the meeting was complete mistrust from those present in the ability of the planning process to protect Kilsby, including lack of interest in the A361.

The village is facing expansion from Rugby and at DIRFT, plus three potential homes sites around the edge of the village.

Rob Chamberlain from the Kilsby Action Group said: “On the A361 development the planning committee deferred a decision to consider an independent, detailed traffic survey but all we have seen so far is a count which takes no account of the size of vehicles .

“Residents on the development will have to cross this very busy road – which has 19 per cent HGV traffic compared with the national average of 9.72 per cent – to access all village services.

“There was real concern that the district council will be ‘bounced’ into accepting the Gladman application to build 99 homes in the first stage of a development behind Rugby Road. Access to the Rugby Road site is from open countryside, it is also a very dangerous bend and it is madness to allow 100 new houses with 200 cars to come in and out from that point every day.

“The third enquiry from a developer in the village is in open countryside between our village and Barby and there will be an erosion of the village identity if allowed to proceed.”