Villagers getting ready to fight plans for new homes

Members of the Kilsby Action Group.
Members of the Kilsby Action Group.

People living in Kilsby have employed a planning consultant and organised an open day in a bid to stop plans for new homes in the village.

The proposal could see 70 homes built on land off the Barby Road in the village. Kilsby Action Group, which has fought other planning applications in the past, will be opposing this one.

The group has employed a planning consultant to help them in their quest and has organised a public meeting on Saturday, starting at 10am at Kilsby Village Hall.

Rob Chamberlain, from the group, said: “Kilsby only has the infrastructure to grow organically in small numbers. This open countryside is an amenity for us and future generations and once concreted over will be lost forever. There is a major road access problem – this is a small country road and access is on a dipping blind bend – adding 150 cars at peak times is madness and will create major problems and accidents .”

The group is confident in achieving success.

Mr Chamberlain added: “Whilst its normally the case that the speculative builders seek to bully communities who have no knowledge or experience of major planning cases into submission by using the system and their large scale resources, we will stand up to them on behalf of our village. We have been able to put together a team that allows us to deliver a cogent professional case and level the playing field.

“Our local authority and planning committee and officials need to make a stand; this is not a brownfield site or a planned urban extension but a naked land grab in open countryside by a speculative developer who, once planning permission is granted, will disappear without a thought for the consequences and will leave the village to pick up the pieces.”