Villager finds fame on hit TV cookery show

Susan Gillias and eventual winner Lee Bunting
Susan Gillias and eventual winner Lee Bunting

A WOMAN from Kilsby has appeared on the popular television show Come Dine With Me.

Susan Gillias, a film and TV extra, appeared on the reality TV contest where she cooked for three strangers in her home.

She made a starter of scallops with saffron infused butter with a medallions of beef main course. Her pudding was a vanilla pannacotta.

Things did get a bit heated at times when one conversation turned into an argument, but Ms Gillias said she enjoyed the experience. She said: “I thought it was something that would be fun to do.

“They put a lot of thought into the people they match together on each show, a lot of it is similar to acting where you are asked to repeat things and set up different shots.

“I wasn’t that happy with how it turned out but the arguments were a small part of the week and I did have fun.”

The competition eventually saw Lee Bunting and Jade Hollis share the £1,000 prize money after they received the most points. Around two million viewers tuned in at 8pm on Sunday to watch the four contestants go head to head.

During the space of a week each person cooked a three-course meal for the others at their home. Lee and Jade hosted their dinner parties in Rugby and the fourth contestant, Alan James, was from Leamington.