Village’s backing for broadband campaign

EVERDON has become the latest village to officially back our superfast broadband campaign.

The Gusher wants to make sure that the Daventry district gets its fair share of investment so that high internet speeds are available across the region.

Northamptonshire County Council is planning to pump £34 million into superfast broadband through Government grants and private investment.

And BT is spending a total of £2.5 billion across the UK in a bid to get superfast speeds to two thirds of the country by 2015.

The telecommunications giant has said that Daventry town centre will have high speeds by the beginning of 2012, but as yet there are no plans to upgrade services in many rural areas.

The Daventry Express has launched a petition in a bid to get at least 1,000 signatures.

Everdon Parish Council chairman Kevin Nichols said: “Both from personal experience and from talking to people in the area I’ve found that we do have lots of problems with internet connections. The main problems seem to be the time it takes to connect and the download speeds.

“I think as time goes on we will see more things being done online and if the funding is there we need to demonstrate that there’s a need for us to get investment.

“We are definitely supporting this campaign and there will be an item on the parish council agenda for September 12 to confirm this.

“I work from home and I suffer with slow speeds when starting up and multi-tasking. We will sign the petition and I’d like to thank the Daventry Express for its efforts.

“Without local newspapers supporting these issues things won’t go as far.”

To sign our petition online visit and search for Daventry, or go to